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We love what we do, folks! Movies, games, technology, & life. The Geek Life, it’s our topic of discussion here and we share with you in vast amounts! The bosses desk is a review site for the people at its heart. When you head out to make that purchase, whether it’s for a movie ticket or that new piece of tech, we here at the bosses desk want to make sure that you spend the right amount for your tastes and interests.

Boss Creed: The Peoples’ Review Site

We explore all entertainment and tech so that you don’t have to from a perspective that fits the geeky masses. YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY TO WASTE. The standard in critiquing movies is to evaluate it from a perspective of aesthetics and artistry giving you a series of percentages and expect to trust your movie going experience to them… That’s nice and all, but should you spend your money to go see this “work of art” or not? That’s the question. After all the numbers, stars, and percents, YOU are the determining factor in whether a movie is “fresh” or not.

We love giving you our opinions and evaluating these pieces from an artistic and technical perspective, but, more importantly, we love saving money. So even though you’ll see our reviews praise or bash a piece, we still want to keep it completely honest with you from a perspective that is open to interpretation from YOUR personal interest.

All about the Colloquy

We want to hear from you! You can determine the content. Your discussion, and suggestions help shape where we go here. Content that takes you into consideration. Instead of being subject to content dictated by the review sites, you can determine what you see here. That is what makes this fun. Hey are you interested in this new piece of tech coming out from an up and coming company but don’t have the time to take a look for yourself. Drop us a line! We’ll look into it and let everyone know. Here at the Bosses’ Desk, we’ve got you!

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