Who’s the Boss?

The Big Boss

Hey all! Big Boss here! I claim this moniker by being the fella that brought this ragtag team of rambunctious gentlemen together.

I love it when a plan comes together!

The Bosses’ Desk, at it’s conception, is a blog intended to spark discussion about the geeky things we’re passionate about. For me, it’s movies, games, technology, and so much more. My favorite part about having this blog is the conversation. The diversity of ideas that comes from everyone on how we view movies, games, TV, etc. is what makes this experience worthwhile. There’s so much to be learned and shared out here and it would be a shame not to explore every point of view the world has to offer. The Bosses’ desk gives an opportunity to do just that, and have a good time while taking part. Every member of this group has their own opinion on the things that we review and they have NO problem whatsoever standing by that view. That’s why I reached out to each of them. Varieties of style, thoughts, and opinions. And so…

They survive as bosses’ of fortune. If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… The Bosses’ Desk.

The Professor

In about four seconds, a teacher will begin to speak…

They call me the Professor because I do my best to drop some knowledge about the latest and greatest, be it movies, games, comedy, music, what have you. I’m mostly all about movies, but every so often, something else hits me hard enough that I have to share.

Movies and writing are two things I’m fairly passionate about, so when the Big Boss asked me to help out, how could I say no. My reviews come completely from my own opinions, which can often times be biased, but hey, whose opinions aren’t? And we’ll absolutely disagree, but it’s ok. We’re allowed. As long as I do my best to give you enough about the movie to decide if you want to see it or not, then I did my job. Personally, I hate it when I catch spoilers without purposefully looking for them, so I try real hard not to give any away. If I do…oops?

So I hope you enjoy what I put down and hope you get something out of it. If not, well…who asked you anyway?

Until next time…

Class dismissed.

The Fractured Analyst

Greetings! I am The Fractured Analyst. I have been called here to help guide you through the world of media, be it movies, comic books or video games. I have seen the rise and fall of westerns, the disintegration of would be space epics and young upstarts that thought they could re-invent the gangster genre. I have seen movies made in black and white and lived to tell the tale. I have played video games that had the hubris to elicit emotions, and movie tie-ins that bore more in common with Meteor Man than Superman. I have been subjected to Secret Wars, a multitude of infinite crisis and buried beneath clone sagas. I have seen, played and read all of these things and survived, their secrets laid bare. And now, I offer my insights to you.

So you may now rest easy, for the Fractured Analyst is here. And you are going to be fine…

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